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She wanted to apologize but felt constrained there at the Hall.Instead, she decided to send him an email message later to try to make amends.Who would have guessed he was struggling with depression?Suddenly it occurred to her that she might have offended him.Even after she had partially recovered, she enjoyed going in the door-to-door service with Carl’s family because they worked at a slower pace and took it easy on her.During one conversation with Carl, he privately told her that he was seeing a therapist.Mariuca knew his email address because Carl sent encouraging email messages weekly to members at the Hall.

It is also criticism of what I did, what I supported and what I was while I was a Jehovah’s Witness.

So Carl spent most of his free time away from home to escape the hostile environment.

Serving as an elder had helped his self esteem, but that too was nearing the breaking point. One of the policies he most objected to related to the Witnesses treating women as second-class citizens.

This was a bit of a shock because she knew most JWs frowned on going to professionals. She also found and met with a reputable therapist who helped her identify several key issues.

Once during the summer of 2005 after going door-to-door, Mariuca was riding in a car with Carl, his wife and their seventeen-year-old daughter, Maggie.

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For no apparent reason, she asked, “If you don’t have your mind, what have you got?