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Whos dating adrienne bailon

In addition, Adrienne Bailon appeared with Rob Kardashian quite a few times in the show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”.

It was also stated that Rob Kardashian suffered a lot after he broke up with her and mentioned her name quite a lot of times during the show.

In winter of 2010 Adrienne Bailon was rumored to be in a relationship with Lenny S who was supposedly Adrienne Bailon boyfriend. In addition, Lenny S is known to be a married man, so it might be only rumors as well.' Why are women always the ones who have to forgive?If you cheated on a man, he would be like, ' You're disgusting, and I want nothing to do with you.' But women, we're supposed to be like, ' He messed up.He made a mistake.'" PHOTOS: Biggest celebrity feuds Following the honest interview, Bailon got slammed by Rob’s sisters Khloe and Kim."So sad when people try to kick my brother when he is down #Family Forever…

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Lenny S is known to be a manager of the entertainer called Fabolous.

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