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Who is kate lanphear dating

The debut of the women’s swimwear collection is the next iteration of that, celebrating women’s natural beauty with the fun and adventurous spirit that has long defined Maxim,” said Maxim’s Editor-in-Chief Kate Lanphear.

But I did my best to take a beat, minimize my judgement and hear it out. Turns out, this Maxim editor-in-chief lady that just started back in March is trying to elevate the product (not hard to do, ahem—and yes, that pun was intended).

In the fashion media world, La Lanphear’s move to Maxim was met with many questions as to why an accomplished and cultured fashion EIC would want to take on the sleazy(er) side of magazine publishing. “The team there was so incredible, we were like family — but this is such a unique opportunity.

“I figured they would be very interested in the automotive sector and gear and tech, but there were parts of my world, or the world I come from, that they were very, very interested in,” she explained. By taking the focus off the body and drilling it into her eyes.

“Like fashion, style, grooming and culture.” of the residual objectifying male gaze. It’s obvious that this pub is taking a more fashionable turn.

Let’s just hope that sexual objectification and hyper sexualization have finally fallen out of style.

If you want in on the trend (it’s only 9.99 and comes in an array of colors) you must hit Odin in So Ho, where it’s sold exclusively.

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She makes me think of Watts from Some Kind of Wonderful gone fashion.

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