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Top, serial number 1524, small box; underneath it serial number 1411, large box. There is no serial number plate on this amp, but the potentiometers are dated January 1965. Also worth mentioning, is the appearance of black-shrouded transformers at around serial number 5600 - an example above (no.

The very earliest of these amps have link voltage selectors. After that, we have the later style of dome selector: Serial number plates Serial no. The brimistor - a type of temperature dependent resistor designed to delay in-rush current and voltage - was marked as addition on schematic OS/072 (14th October 1965), and first appears in amps around serial no.

Common to the types of AC50 mentioned in the sections immediately below (1, 2 and 3), are valve rectification, white warning plaques, and two line serial number plates. Hand-stamped "AC50", but the serial number itself is machine stamped probably at the Burndept factory, which had a greater array of equipment than Triumph. The GZ34 valve was abandoned in favour of silicon diodes. After serial number 3450 or so, Burndept-made amps have round Amphenol XLR speaker connectors: Round Amphenol power connectors had come in much earlier.

Valve rectified AC50 - note the three main valves from left to right, the GZ34 rectifier, and two EL34 output valves. Amps produced for Vox by Triumph Electronics do not have chassis numbers. Early solid state rectified AC50 - only two main valves. Again in Burndept-made AC50s, the red warning plaque on the backboard was introduced around serial number 3800 in late summer 1965 (after July) - ie. Some white plaques do persist however on amps with serial numbers in the 3900s. This amp has no brimistor; pot codes are July 1965 - registered on this page.

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You must complete the first game serial number untuk nfs carbon order to move on to the next one, with award medals along the way.

We clicked date vox amp serial number the Help link provided.

Other new features for 2012 include a conversion preview so you can rotate and delete pages before you finalize the PDF.

The amp has had a hard life so I,m cleaning it up, but still works well apart from a bit of a hum.

Potentiometers were naturally bought in batches, each batch lasting several months.

But one nonetheless has a good terminus post quem ("date after which").

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thanks for any pointers Based on that SN, and without actually looking in the book, I'll say very late '64.

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