Updating excel charts

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Updating excel charts

Next, we’ve got some large margins at either end of our chart, and that won’t do.Double-click the horizontal axis – Period – and change the Axis position from Between tick marks to On tick marks.

Your potential investors didn’t engage with what you were talking about, and I’ll tell you what – you should have used a graph Whether you're putting together a report for work, or you just want to represent information on your blog in a graphical way, Google Fusion Tables can help. Now, head to the Insert tab, and select Insert line chart – it’s the small box with plotted lines. From here you have two options: use the inbuilt Excel styles, of varying quality, or customize the chart yourself. Here we can change the bounds, units, tick marks, labels, and more.

To change the legend titles, right-click the chart area and click Select Data.

In the left-hand column of the new window you should spot your unnamed data series. You can now enter your preferred name for the data series.

This can be painful when you always want, or don't want, links updated.

Lot's More: Excel Macros Update Links in Excel When you have formula links in an Excel Workbook (destination) to another Excel Workbook (source) you will be asked if you wish to update links in the Workbook (destination) each time you open it.

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