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The movie extreme dating

In this funny game you have the oportunity to try your dating skills, but beware that everything you say matters!

Can you make her fall in love with you with your smooth talk or will you get stuck in the friendzone?

Jovovich's warm performance is one of the film's few positive attributes, while Krumholtz makes for a surprisingly convincing leading man (although he occasionally steps over the line into smugness).

A funny premise, poorly executed; Extreme Dating aims low and stays in that mode for the entire running length.

The premise mentioned deals with a concept whereby two people surrounded by a tense situation will come together naturally, especially if they are given lots of time to get to know one another in the interim.

is clearly going for a wacky vibe reminiscent of an '80s comedy, the film's hijinks ultimately come off as strained and forced (despite the inclusion of one or two genuinely funny moments).

The story revolves around several advertising executives who are told to come up with a hip slogan for a ski resort, and use the assignment as an excuse for trying out their "extreme dating" theory.

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Final update: * fixed some language bugs * new animation on the start * Improved colors * now the game have Medals ----------------------------------------------------- As the producer of this game I authorize the fair use of the content for gameplay\videos and for posting in gaming sites.