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When he says something that I don't agree with and somebody asks me about it, I'm happy to say I disagree.

Dressed in his trademark suit (he prefers Hickey Freeman), he is here to film promos for , the Current TV version of his former MSNBC program that will bow June 20 at 8 p.m.

It is an id-superego volley that is equal parts grenade launcher and bomb defuser, letting Olbermann lambaste familiar enemies while deflecting adjectives that have adhered to him during a 30-year career in television.

An Olbermann stand-in sits off-camera firing questions at the real one behind the desk. " A: "Like you don't know the answer to that." Q: "Why don't conservatives have a sense of humor? These are unanswerable questions." Q: "What do you say to critics who find you smug? I just never learned how to bullshit very well." Q: "Do you ever admit you're wrong?

Online was an option (Olbermann spoke to Yahoo), as were sports outlets (he spent 5½ tumultuous years at ESPN and another couple doing an ESPN Radio show with his co-anchor Dan Patrick).

The announcement of his Current TV gig came as a surprise largely because one of TV's best-known personalities was heading to one of TV's least-watched channels.

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A brace on his left foot protects a healing second metatarsal, the long bone in the foot.