Icp dating game lyric ukraine and russian women dating sites

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Icp dating game lyric

Host: Lets meet contestant number one he`s a skitzophranic serial killa klown who says women love his sexy smile lets find out if his charm will work on Sharon, Sharon? Sharon: Contetsant number 1 i belive first impressions last forever, so let`s say you were to come over to my parents house and have dinner with me and my family, tell me what you would do to make that first impression really stick?Contestant # 1: well lets hmm see id have to think about it i might show up in a tux HA!The album was taken off shelves by Hollywood hours after its release, in response to criticism from the Southern Baptist Church of decisions that the church believed did not reflect Disney's family-friendly image, although Disney claimed that the album was released due to an oversight by its review board.After Hollywood terminated the group's contract, Insane Clown Posse signed a new contract with Island Records (whose parent at the time, Poly Gram, distributed Hollywood releases in North America), which agreed to release the album as it was originally intended.Contestant # 1: first thing, i could never love you, you sound like a witchy bitch yo FUCK YOU!!

Each of the six Joker's Cards relate to a specific character — an entity of the Dark Carnival — that tries to "save the human soul" by showing the wickedness inside of one's self.

"Boogie Woogie Wu" is told from the perspective of the boogie man and talks about the slaughter of children.

The "Neden Game" takes the form of a Dating Game-esque show, albeit with added misogynistic banter for humor.

SHARON: ok, if we were at a dance club, and you both noticed me at the same time, tell me, how would you each get my attention and what would your pick up line be who ever's the smoothest wins!!

#1: first, id slide up the bar, and tell ya that i cant believe how fuckin fat you are id say i like the way you make your titties shake, and if you lost a little weight you'd look like Ricki Lake #2 FUCK THAT!!

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