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It’s been a while since I’ve written about my dating life. If there’s one thing this city seems to have an over supply of, it’s single women looking for a companion – or just a date. This is not meant to be a post of the state of female singletons in the city, so I’ll move on.And while this post doesn’t revolve around cats, my cats do play a minor role, so hang in there.

One could argue they’re doing well and their approach is working, but they’re still online trying to meet women and date, so maybe my two cents will be welcomed. There is never a valid reason to talk about the 69 position in your profile. If you were born in 1969, we will figure it out all by ourselves by how old you are. Write in your profile that you like sex and are a fan of the position, do not put it in your name and reference it like some kind of inside joke only sexual people get. Speaking of sex, don’t put that in your name either. I was written to this week by a man who is 49 years old and uses a picture of himself standing behind a woman with both his hands cupping her boobs.

The number of photographs of men skiing, running, camping, waterskiing and taking part of other such activities is quite amazing given we live in a city where much of that is hard to come by.

I often had to double check to ensure I wasn’t looking at profiles of men in Colorado or California).

Important to note that my goal is not to be critical, simply help out those who are on the same path as me. There are a lot of 69’s online and one in particular looks more like he was born in 1869. If you are introducing yourself to a woman as Sexy Beast, Sexual Beast, Sex Slave, Want UNow, Do Me or any other use of sex, sexy, or slave, it is more off putting than interesting. The photo was captioned, “New Year’s Eve with my sister.” Really?

So, when it comes to online dating names, I don’t think men, or women for that matter, should use the number 69 for their profile. A picture of a grown man fondling his sister is supposed to get me interested?

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I have another friend who has a cat she loves like a child, yet does not mention the cat because she doesn’t want to risk losing out on someone great because of an allergy that Benadryl can take of in a heartbeat.

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