Dating praying mantis

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Dating praying mantis

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Several hypotheses exist about the phylogenetic relationships of Dictyoptera or its suborders [16–20,23,25–39].

This objective is classically achieved through analyses combining morphological and environmental data, molecular phylogenies, and the fossil record [1–3].

These analyses are, however, sometimes inconclusive, especially when the fossil record is disputed, scarce or incomplete (a limitation inherent to fossils) or when molecular phylogenies rely on limited samples [4–6].

Special attention must therefore be paid to improve character and taxon sampling in phylogenies and to evaluate the quality of the fossil record [7,8].

Despite these recommendations, obtaining additional data may be difficult even with a strong sampling effort, especially for fossils for which complete specimens in good state of preservation and phylogenetically relevant are not easily found.

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We find the following topology: (mantises, (other cockroaches, (Cryptocercidae, termites)).