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Dating armani men

In 1990, the house was taken over by the Orcofi Group then sold to l’Oréal in 1996.

The designer’s association with sports and cinema has led to a global popularity which continues to grow with time.

Inspired by the elements of nature, the Giorgio Armani fragrances are an example of invisible sophistication. From a skillful blend of the most beautiful raw materials, Giorgio Armani creates perfume that is timeless and vibrant, but fluid and simple, like his fashion design.

Armani Privé Couture Fragrances showcase the natural beauty of a single precious ingredient.

If you see the label "Giorgio Armani Parfums Division Luxury Products LLC", this indicates that the item was produced after 1999.

Many companies have periodic batch codes that repeat over time, e.g. Vintage fragrances often do not have batch codes at all.

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From mid-1960's through to the takeover by L'Oreal, Lanvin was run by Bernard Lanvin.

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