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Dating a resident doctor

He also gaslighted my mother and threatened her with a physical attack when he didn’t get what he wanted, since he believed she hated men and was out to get him.One of the popular red pill themes is that men should be dominant over the women in their lives, and sex and sexual acts are the metric of dominance therefore worth as a man.One of the more vocal subsets of this particular philosophy is known as The Red Pill.

Of course, there are a lot of people who don’t feel this way.

Some their “dating” advice is basically descriptions of abusive relationships.

They claim to not hate women and focus on self improvement, but believe men must establish control/dominance over the women in their lives in order to “get sex”, and that women are intellectually/morally inferior to men.

However, he became a massive asshole in the process.

He believed wholeheartedly in the “alpha fux/beta bux” model” where men who are “beta” will only ever be hated and used by women, a model which our parents seem to fit.

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To “break” her he would ignore and insult her in public, spread rumors about her, and use the more coercive PUA tactics.

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