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Dara and jiyong dating

It was just after G-Dragon’s alleged breakup with his rumored on-and-off girlfriend Mizuhara buzz the internet.

The controversy about “Dara Gon” (combination of Dara and G-Dragon’s name) started way back 2009 when the two both appeared in “Lollipop” music video.

The smallest things can rile up K-pop fandoms, and in the case of Dara (Sandara Park) fans, the latest frenzy is in finding out whose hands were seen poking their beloved idol's masked face.

The amusing witch hunt began when Dara uploaded a set of Instagram photos on January 25.

I will really like to know how appler’s were feeling when GD put that photo of Rihanna in her Instagram, I mean he literally said that Rihanna was her ideal type!!

And if you compare Dara and Rihanna they’re like the opposite!

The 2NE1 member was seen wearing a knitted mask while a hand was playfully touching parts of her covered face, including her nostrils and chin.

Whose hand do you think it was, and what do you think about this guessing game?

After the alleged breakup of Japanese model Kiko Mizuhara and “Big Bang” leader G-Dragon, the latter is in a dating controversy AGAIN with his label mate, Dara of 2NE1, as both stars sport similar hair color once again. If you’re familiar with K-pop, you probably know that in Seoul, some celebrity couples like wearing similar fashion; shoes, accessories, styles…etc.

to show their connection, that’s why Kwon Jiyong a.k.a.

Read More: G-DRAGON AND KIKO MIZUHARA SPLITThese speculations leads to so many fanbases for the two, some fans even call themselves as delusional when it comes to Dara and G-Dragon as they associate the little details between these two K-pop stars, according to Inquisitr.

But when the name of Mizuhara entered the picture, some fans thought that their ship was sinking until recently G-Dragon was reportedly broken up with her then spotted sporting same hair color with Dara.

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Dara’s picture is on the left while G-Dragon’s picture is on the right. Those in support of DARAGON (the official name of the Dara and G-Dragon pairing) cite the timing of the photo uploads and the rumors of G-Dragon breaking up with Kiko Mizuhara as their relationship being real.

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