Cyberdreamdate com dating female love personals

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Cyberdreamdate com dating female love personals

Her message boards at The Site were full of inane commentary, generally no more insightful than geek speculation on topics such as why she so frequently wore black outfits, and whether or not she had a tattoo.

Her main duties included introducing the various segments, interviewing guests about software and Web pages and reporting on Net topics.

never realized about the Net that you have to interact with people.

As a TV reporter, you never have a back-and-forth with people about your stories. My mother even sent in e-mail complaining that I was rushing guests." What likely raised a few eyebrows was that the cable network chose Soledad O'Brien to anchor it.

I like having a full hour to tell a story, and also not intruding into the story as a journalist.

The people in this show tell the story of Phoenix themselves.

The secret of Soledad's success is that she's offered the true geeks generous terms of surrender.shooting and editing their own stories," says Tamara E.Robinson, Vice President and Director of Programming for Thirteen/WNET.Sometimes billed as "the Net's evening news," the show also brought Soledad Internet fame.Many articles appeared in print and even more online about the program, and Soledad was given some flattering, though perhaps unwelcome, titles like "Goddess of the Geeks." Lloyd Grove in The Washington Post dubbed her "television's first cyberbabe.".

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The series utilized digital video cameras for most of its pieces.

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