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In a moment, I will share how to discover these conditionings, clear them, and adopt the most powerful sexual paradigm that exists. I created technology seen by millions online and provided solutions used by Fortune 500 clients such as Disney, Square-Enix, Sony Pictures, Whole Foods, BT, Walmart, Discovery Channel, Turner, Acura, National Science Foundation, and thousands of others. Eventually the warts were removed, but the pain and teasing remained.

Your conditionings are what’s holding you back from that.The path to sexual satisfaction and fulfillment is about discovering these conditionings which hold us back, letting go of our judgements, stopping the same old stories, and then adopting more empowering perspectives. Let’s go back to the beginning…I had my first crush when I was five years old. It would be 18 years later that I would have my first girlfriend. Over the next few years of school, I was bullied, teased, made-fun-of, and looked down upon.It is more of a “letting go” than a “learning more”. Before that, I founded and ran a high-end software company for over 7 years. I’d rather get intimate and share with you something you can’t lookup: how I got to this point, going from writing code to talking to you about sex and spirituality. I remember seeing this girl in the back of the preschool classroom playing with one of those plastic Playskool kitchenettes. I went from a bright, loving, playful, innocent child… My self-esteem disappeared, my confidence was dismal, my social skills were non-existent, and I began to fear going into school.The obstacles to your happiness are straightforward (once you recognize them), and thus so are their solutions.Once you realize what’s really going on under the surface, you become empowered to change it.

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Years ago I heard a sensei say: “It’s not in practicing 10,000 different punches once; it’s practicing a single simple punch 10,000 times.”Our egos like to think it’s the fancy “advanced” techniques that indicate mastery, but it’s not. If you haven’t developed the right foundation of thinking, feeling, or relating beforehand – the most advanced tricks will is why you don’t have what you want in life.