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Cam 2cam

How a bloody character can walk or run down bustling streets without a single police interaction, or even a concerned pedestrian, WHILE HOLDING AN AXE, becomes a distracting point when trying to decipher the mystery of is a severe miscalculation while attempting to give characters life, setting actors up for failure with bottom-of-the-barrel lines.Tammin Sursok is the only presence worthy of making an impression, guiding us through twisted connections via Cam2Cam, but her co-stars never stand a chance beyond being floppy red-herrings without personality.Does anyone really leave their laptop open after they’re done?No, because it burns the battery much quicker, but in , where voyeurs utilize remote laptop cameras to spy on women, laptops are always angled perfectly and left upright.It’s not that Soisson created a terrible movie, but is late to the party, brings absolutely nothing notable, and sits in the corner without making a peep.

We’re in an age where horror via video chatting has already been executed crisply, and can’t quite compete against superior products that are able to bridge the gap between technology and certain nightmares that stem from infinite databases housing life-threatening amounts of personal information.

Paying affiliates and models since 1996, is the largest web cam community online. The site caters to a middle aged, largely male audience.

Camgirls and Camboys appear on over 8000 co-branded sites as well as on flagship brand The typical visitor visits and uses adultfriendfinder.

If you want real horror, just go surf the internet on your own accord, because there’s a serious lack of thrills in Soisson’s cyber snoozer – except for one Randal Graves approved shocker.

One thing I’ll never be able to say is that the life of a film critic is certainly a predictable one…

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